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high quality dry Senna herb
  • Senna

    Organic Food Commodities from Egypt: Premium Herbs Exporter


    At our company, we take immense pride in offering a wide range of top-quality organic food commodities. One of our prized offerings is Egyptian senna (Cassia lanceolata). This remarkable herb, known for its exceptional properties, is meticulously cultivated and harvested in the fertile lands of Egypt.


    Key Details about our Egyptian Senna:


    • Latin Name: Cassia lanceolata
    • Scientific Name: Cassia lanceolata
    • Parts Used: Leaves, Pods, Stem
    • HS Code: 1211
    • Aroma and Taste: Aromatic and Typical
    • Origin: Egypt
    • Color: Vibrant Green
    • Harvest: Available in Conventional and Organic Varieties
    • Harvest Availability: Year-round
    • Standard Package: 25 kg Per Bag
    • Container Capacity (approx. weights):
      • 20 ft Container: Up to 7 tons
      • 40 ft Container: Up to 14 tons
      • 40 HC Container: Up to 15 tons
    • Declaration: Versatile Usage - Herbs, Medicinal Plants, Aromatic Herbal Tea, Seasonings, Flavor Enhancers, Spices, Dried Vegetables.
    • Applications and Benefits: Our premium senna plays a pivotal role in various applications. It is a trusted remedy for constipation and is commonly used to facilitate bowel clearance before medical procedures like colonoscopy. Additionally, it finds application in managing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), post-anal or rectal surgeries, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and even weight loss regimens. Notably, senna fruit exhibits a milder effect compared to senna leaf, making it suitable for various preferences.

    We are committed to delivering the finest organic herbs from Egypt, and our senna stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and authenticity. Discover the power of nature's goodness with our premium Egyptian senna.

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