We are EU & NOP Certified 

USDA organic supplier ceritified

In 2012, USDA commemorated and celebrated its 150th anniversary. Founded in 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed into law an act of Congress establishing the United States Department of Agriculture. The organic standards describe the specific requirements that must be verified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent before products can be labeled USDA organic. Overall, organic operations must demonstrate that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances.

This accreditation authorizes CONTROL UNION to carry out conformity assessments in the fields of plants and plant products from agricultural production or harvest, processing and export of plant products and foodstuffs composed of plant products from organic production, manufactured according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007, EC889/2008 on organic production of agricultural products and indications referring thereto on agricultural products and foodstuffs.

As we believe in organic farming and the need for organic products for everyone to avoid the spreading of pesticide residue and the dangerous effect on the health of people. We decided to support provide our valuable customers with organic products. Organic farming is good for nature good for you.

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Heil Herbs Co . is a registered facility with the FDA. we are totally pleased and ready to provide all of our customers from the American market with their needs 

Registration Number: 18732479100

Heil-Herbs Co. FDA registeration