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Sustainable Packing System

 Up to 50 kilogram

Sustainable Packing :

We believe in sustainability for our environment so we pursue to provide our customer in the agriculture food industry with opting for recycled content, reusable, and lightweight material whenever possible. We still did not find the perfect option but we try.

Our Packing system (Design and Materials) provide the protection to avoid contamination and prevention from any damages and accommodate suitable labelling. Also, we choose the non-toxic and not pose a threat to the safety and suitability of food under the specified conditions of storage and use.

The label on the packaging clearly indicates the scientific name of the medicinal plant, the plant part, the place of origin (cultivation or collection site), the cultivation or collection date and the names of the grower/collector and the processor, and the quantitative information. 

The label also contains information indicating quality approval and comply with other international labelling requirements.

The label bears a number that clearly identifies the production batch. and additional information about the production and quality parameters of the medicinal plant materials may be added in a separate certificate, which is clearly linked to the package carrying the same batch number.

Our Records System be kept of batch packaging and include the product name, place of origin, batch number, weight, assignment number and date. The records retained for a period of three years at least.

Packing System options :

Automatic, Semi-automatic, Manual ... Regarding your needs and products specifications.

Packing Types 

Aluminium Bags,Cartoon-Box,Cotton Bags,Glasses,Jars,H.D.P.E,Bags,Jute Bags,Mesh Bags,P.P,Bags,Paper Bags,Pet Containers,Pet Jars,Stainless Containers,Woven Bags.


​We have our brands for labelling process we also Specialize in Customized packing for our valuable customers in their private's Brands basic information without brands (product name, origin, net weight, gross weight, production date, expiry date, batch no, nutrition facts ).

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