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Heil-Herbs Core Values

Egypt herbs and spices industry values

Our Vision

We use the healing power of nature for your health. As a pioneer company we are focused on extending our concept “single-source solutions”: starting with sustainable cultivation of the raw materials, own scientific research, gentle harvesting & manufacture; through to with international marketing. We will grow! – With innovations of future phytomedicines and the high demands, we place on our products daily. So we can offer you natural herbs with premium quality - today and in future!

Our Mission

Plant & Medication

The Herbal plants offer precious raw materials that we process to be a convenience for manufacturing medicinal. Controlled cultivation and careful processing under compliance with strict criteria, to preserve the healing power of nature.

Experience & Quality

Where long-term experience in processing medicinal plants meets modern technology, the best possible production process is achieved. We use gentle harvesting processes & efficient production facilities combined with our analytical know-how and modern lab technology we guarantee consistently premium quality of our products.

Science & Therapy

Our products are used in various therapeutic and food industry indications worldwide. Aiming for people who like to benefit from natural remedies and provide healthy food: For therapy, for disease prevention and to enhance their quality of life. We search for new findings and innovations and also focused on a scientific base of our products.


We focus on providing complete customer satisfaction. Therefore, concern great importance to the quality of our products and services. As a supplier of medicinal herbal products, we have a special responsibility. To this end, we have implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system. 

Employees & Company

As a modern company, we feel closely connected to our employees and the location as well. Highly motivated employees and social responsibility provide the base of healthy growth. "Made in Egypt" is one of our success motors on international markets. bearing in mind by providing them with the training to ensure the quality in every detail through our journey to success.

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