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high quality Celery herb in Jar
  • Celery

    Celery has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries in many cultures, including Ancient Egypt, Greece, and China.

    - Celery is low in calories but high in nutrients, making it an excellent weight loss food.
    - Celery is a good source of antioxidants and can help to reduce inflammation.
    - Celery is packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and folic acid.
    - Celery can be eaten raw or cooked and is often used as a garnish or added to soups and stews.


    Celery is a low-calorie food that is rich in nutrients. It is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and K. Celery also contains minerals, such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

    Celery has many health benefits. It can help to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. Celery is also a good detox food and can help to cleanse the body of toxins.

    Celery is a versatile vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. It can be added to soups, stews, and salads, or used as a garnish. Celery can also be juiced or blended into smoothies.




    Celery is a plant in the Apiaceae family. The hollow stalks of celery are used as a vegetable in many dishes. Celery has been cultivated since at least the 16th century.


    Celery is low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy food choice. Celery is a good source of vitamin C, which is important for immunity, and vitamin K, which is important for bone health. Celery also contains antioxidants that may help protect against some chronic diseases.

    Packing: Celery is typically packed in plastic bags or containers.

    • Specs

      • Product description: Egyptian celery leaves, machine dried, sun-dried, flat celery
      • The Latin name of celery: Apium graveolens
      • The scientific name of celery: Apium graveolens
      • Part used: leaves (crushed, whole)
      • Celery HS code:1211
      • Smell and taste of celery: aromatic, typical
      • Origin of celery: Egypt
      • Color of celery: light green up to dark green
      • Harvest: conventional celery and organic celery
      • Crops time, harvest plan, the season of celery: Available throughout the year.
    • Shipping

      • Standard packages of celery: 20 kg pp bags
      • Celery 20 ft container might load up to 5 ton
      • Celery 20 ft container might load up to 10 ton
      • Celery 20 HC container might load up to 10.5 ton

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