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dry Dill Tips
  • Dill Tips

    • Product description: Egyptian dill tips, dill weeds, machine dried, sun-dried
    • The Latin name of dill: Anethum graveolens
    • Scientific name of dill: Anethum graveolens
    • part use: tips, weeds (crushed, whole)
    • HS code of dill:1211
    • Smell and taste of dill: aromatic, typical
    • Origin of dill: Egypt
    • Color of dill: light green up to dark green
    • Harvest: conventional dill and organic dill
    • Harvest plan, the season of dill: Available throughout the year
    • Standard packages of dill: 20 kg pp bags
    • Dill 20 ft container might load up to 6 ton
    • Dill 40 ft container might load up to12 ton
    • Dill 40 HC container might load up to13 ton
    • declaration of dill: herbs, Medicinal plants, aromatic, herbal tea, ingredients, Seasonings, flavor, spices, dried vegetables
    • Usage and benefits and applications of Dill:
    Dill is used for digestion problems including loss of appetite, intestinal gas Other uses for Dill include treatment of fever and colds, cough, bronchitis. Dill is a plant that has a long history as a culinary spice.